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At AreteX, we are passionate about delivering high quality, efficient and low-cost bookkeeping. We do the bookkeeping so you can focus on building your business.

See how it works

Gather all your bookkeeping documents

Sales orders, supplier invoices, expense receipts and any other document to be recorded in your accounting system.

Scan & email

Simply scan your bookkeeping documents and send an email directly to your dedicated email

Trained BAS accountants do all of the data entry and reconciling

Our team of fully qualified accountants code your bookkeeping documents into Xero or MYOB LiveAccounts and reconcile all entries to your bank account. We also provide payroll data entry, prepare supplier payments for direct upload to your online banking and complete your BAS return filings, without you entering any data.

No technology risk

AreteX is a certified Xero partner, and Xero is our preferred cloud-based accounting system for our clients. We get you set up and going with Xero so that you can get the benefits of real time financial information at your fingertips, wherever you have internet access. Although our preferred system is Xero, we can also provide the bookkeeping service for MYOB LiveAccounts.

Thats it!

Your financial information is available online, real-time and ready for you to make informed business decisions. The information can be accessed by your accountants and other financial advisers, and all you did was scan and send an email.

Spend your time your way.

Just like money, your TIME is a limited commodity and you only get to spend it once – we help you improve efficiency and reduce the time you spend entering data …

If data-entry and bookkeeping is keeping you from working on your business or doing the things that you enjoy, then call or email us for more information. Don’t let the pain continue, we can help!

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Register your interest

About AreteX

We are passionate about delivering high-quality, efficient and low-cost bookkeeping services. Our mission is to free your time from bookkeeping data entry so that you can focus on what you do best – build your business profitably, serve your customers or just take time away to recharge the batteries.

With years of experience providing accounting services to small-to-medium sized businesses, the team at AreteX can streamline the data-entry, reduce the costs of back-office processing and provide real-time, consistent and accurate financial information.

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